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I get a knot of excitement the moment just before I hit record, whether I’m squeezed in the corner of a hot Oakland workshop frantically adjusting my shutter speed as a neon artist slowly bends a heated tube or watching as the San Francisco fog clears in time to frame the skyline behind a young and optimistic CEO. My mind narrows to focus on the teenage figure skater jumping from the ice. I get to his landing point milliseconds before he does. There's only a moment to celebrate that the shot was steady and my subject in focus before I must set up my next shot. That in-the-moment adrenaline carries me through entire shoots. ​And even in those thrilling moments, I can recognizes shots to capture that'll build and communicate a captivating story.


Being a part of each step of production has strengthened my ability to ensure a project meets the predetermined concept and brand parameters no matter what role I take on for my clients.


02 my work


03 work experience

April 2019 - Present

As a Freelance Video Editor and Cinematographer, I partner with clients in various industries to ensure their video needs were met in accordance with the determined concept. I edit technical videos, instructional videos, creative videos podcasts using the Adobe Creative Suite. I also identify lights, lens and audio equipment necessary to fulfill a setup that reflects the theme of each piece.

November 2015 - November 2018

As a Video Producer at Wired, I produced 50+ videos that highlighted and analyzed the varying topics covered across and contributed editorial insight to ensure each video upheld the WIRED styles and guidelines. I created and executed shot lists as well as quickly judged and captured unplanned B-roll that added to the visual storytelling. I crafted interview questions and adapted to subjects’ answers in accordance with established story concept.


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