I always knew I wanted to tell other people's stories. 

After I filmed my first subject, I put the pen aside. I knew I wanted to tell stories not in writing—but through cinematography.

Every time I begin recording, anything not directly related to my subject falls away. Whether I’m adjusting my shutter speed between the intricate bends of a neon artist in a hot Oakland workshop or anticipating the jumping and landing spot of a figure skater coming down the ice, my adrenaline slows the seconds, focuses my mind, and carries me through entire shoots.

At Wired, I have produced, shot, and/or edited over 120 videos with subjects ranging from sexism in Silicon Valley to specimen preparation at the California Academy of Sciences. Often, I was a crew of one. I set up lights, crafted shot lists, determined interview composition, shot B-roll, wrote scripts, and edited in Premiere.

Being a part of each step of production has strengthened my ability to recognize the shots I need to tell a full story.